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Lake Wörthersee has always been shrouded in legends, stories & myths, which has always brought all kinds of personalities & characters to this place. Many famous & infamous people have also been guests at the Hubertushof, in the past & present.

From fashion designers, Hollywood stars, politicians, football stars, comedians, world-class vintners & gifted head chefs, music legends to outstanding golf & international cycling stars, Russian chess legends, film producers & global managers.

Of course, we won’t tell names or show pictures here – that’s not our style. At Hubertushof, everyone is simply allowed to be himself.

Even though we are naturally glad to welcome all these personalities with us.

Hubertushof Tilde



“Art de Vivre” naturally belongs to Lake Wörthersee.
Fine wines, exclusive products, elegant people, noble design – 
you don’t necessarily need & have to do without it.


We also love this pleasure –
just a little different.


Crayfish from the Drava, Brut Rosé from Austria,
caviar of char from Carinthian waters,
home-pickled salmon trout and Austrian Organic Pale Gin
are among the exceptional culinary specialities for us.


But of course we don’t deny ourselves and our guests the fine classics either
such as champagne, the best wines, truffles, exotic fruits, fillets of beef,
Gran Reserve rum & dark chocolate.


That is “Art de Vivre”,
that belongs to the Wörthersee as well –
and that’s a good thing.