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We love people & places with stories!

We, that’s the Kenney family – like the “Kennedys”* just without the “D” and with a little less glamour, politics & tragedy. Without Jacky, without Marilyn, but with a Robert.

Kenney in Carinthia? Exactly, that’s Irish. His grandfather was English and stayed in Carinthia because of love. He left his mark here not only on the hotel and the family, but also on his name.



“Vulgo Muskat” – is the old field name of the farm on which Hubertushof stands today. 

Muskat (german for nutmeg) – that sounds rather exotic.
A sensual and, in the absence of restraint, intoxicating spice & on the other hand, the legendary port city in the Gulf of Oman – it’s a coincidence, but we quite like it. 



The oldest part of the building with today’s wine cellar dates back to the 16th century

Fridolin Rummel – southern railway engineer from Baden-Württemberg, Germany – falls in love with this place by the lake & stays

Chequered years as a deli, tropical fruits shop & war hospital

1914 – Villa Sophie is replaced by today’s “Seevilla” by former Wörthersee star architect Baumgartner

The love for hunting gives “Hubertushof” (Hubertus is the Saint of hunters) its name – the love for animals makes today’s owner a vegetarian

Mathilde Jasser falls in love with the British ally “Bobby” Kenney, who has come to occupied Carinthia via Egypt after Second World War.

British soldiers, holidaymakers & Carinthian night owls make “Bobby’s Pub” a nightlife hotspot in Velden

Lufthansa lady with a sense for beauty, for interior design & with a green thumb meets windsurfing, trial motorcycling young hotelier

As life plays out & brings you back to the places of your life, the daughter of the family is unplannedly drawn back to the lake from far away in Vienna as a studied landscape planner and agri-padagog – and because that’s half as nice on her own, she brings along a graphic designer & ethnologist and both of them her shared passion for ecological agriculture, design & art as well as excellent food.

*By the way: the very young John F. Kennedy also once came to Wörthersee in 1939. However, according to tradition, a meeting between the Robert with & the Robert without the “D” in his surname probably never took place.